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Interest in this site so far is quite disappointing and even though it attracts an average of 18 visits every day, none of these visits are converted to registrations. By comparison the associated BT Pensioners site has around 30 registrations per month and has grown to over 2000 registered members. 

It is important to register to build a database that can then be searched to find old colleagues which is the primary function of the site. Registration is not intrusive and is completely Free. When you visit the site and don't register, please tell me why!


New: Information about C&W Superannuation Fund (CWSF) Administration


Remembering our Colleagues

Remembering our Colleagues has been a feature of CAWPA News for many years. Now a list of deceased colleagues has been compiled from a number of old copies of CAWPA News.  I hope it will be of use to any C&W Pensioner who may be seeking information about an old colleague. The detail has been scanned from CAWPA News editions and errors can creep in during the process and I have proof read several times to minimise errors. I apologise for any errors that may remain, which I will gladly correct. You will need to Login to access the list. Please tell me if you have found this list useful or even just interesting.


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This site was launched on 24 March 2013 and is open to all Cable and Wireless pensioners and empoyees including Mercury Communications and Telephone Rentals. You can Register as a new member completely free of charge and then contribute to articles etc..  Please tell me if you have any difficulties and please do re-visit the site. Registration Help




Notice Board

Members are welcome to use this Notice Board for personal notices - Politics, Religion and any form of Abuse excluded.

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When informed the Obituary page will show details of recently deceased BT Pensioners whether or not they are members. Where possible Funeral arrangements are included. Please send details to me.  


Protection of Cable and Wireless Superannuation Fund


Important Pension Information

Where there is a Partnership and no Marriage. Did you know that it may be possible to nominate a dependent Partner for a pension similar to that for a Spouse, when you die. (This is the case with BT Pension Scheme)

Read More  Posted by Bill Rees September 2015


See  C&W Pensioners Recorded as Deceasd User Name and PW required


BT's Big Ideas Down Under 22 May 15


2014 -Anniversary of the start of World War I (July 1914 - November 1918) Feature


Prostate Cancer Alert  see also My Prostate Cancer




Cable & Wireless Communication shares up 21% on Liberty takeover talks
22 October 2015
From -  Business

Cable & Wireless Communication shares soared 21% after it confirmed it was in takeover talks with Virgin Media owner Liberty Global.

Liberty Global, which also has a 10% stake in UK TV company ITV, has not formally announced its offer and has until 19 November to decide if it will.

The deal would allow Liberty Global to expand its reach in the Caribbean where it lacks a mobile phone presence.

Cable & Wireless said the deal could be a combination of cash and shares.

Liberty Global, which is owned by billionaire John Malone, has a strong foothold in Latin America and growing presence in the Caribbean.

Last month Liberty abandoned talks with Vodafone about a swap of business assets in Europe's mobile phone, broadband and TV markets.

In November 2014, Cable & Wireless paid $1.85bn (1.2bn) for Columbus International, a fibre-based telecommunications firm that Mr Malone owned a stake in.
The deal gave the Liberty Global owner a 13% voting stake in Cable & Wireless.

Liberty Global operates in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2013 it bought Virgin Media expanding its presence in the UK.


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