BT Regional Directors and Regional Boards

There are nine Boards each representing an individual geographical area and headed by a Regional Director from BT with membership that extends across all BT lines of business.

The Board Members for each area undertake their geographical role in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities. Their main role is to understand the business, economic and social agenda in their localities, to ensure that BT's capabilities and resources are well understood in the area, and to develop relationships with key bodies and identify opportunities to work together to address the important issues.

See below for the nine geographically based Boards, with details of the individual Regional Directors and their Board Members, together with a factsheet about each area. Click on a link below for further details of Regional Directors and Board members

London region http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/london.htm
East Midlands  http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/EastMidlands.htm
East of England    http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/EastofEngland.htm 
North East   http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/NorthEast.htm
North West  http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/NorthWest.htm
South East   http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/SouthEast.htm
South West   http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/SouthWest.htm
West Midlands   http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/WestMidlands.htm
Yorkshire and Humber http://www.btplc.com/Thegroup/BTUKandWorldwide/BTRegions/England/Regionaldirectorsandboardmembers/YorkshireandHumber.htm











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