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Cable & Wireless Superannuation Fund (CWSF)

The Management of CWSF and How it has Evolved

Assets of CWSF are Transferred to The Prudential

The website ‘Thisismoney’’ reported on 3 September 2008 that Prudential, today effectively took over £1bn of Cable&Wireless company pensions in a move affecting 5000 pensioners and adding to speculation of a bid for the telecoms group. Some £7.5bn of such deals have been completed in the last eleven months.

Under the deal, the Pru will take on responsibility for one of the C&W schemes for the life of the remainder of the fund, the Cable & Wireless Superannuation Fund. 'The buy-in materially reduces the fund's and shareholders' exposure to the future risk of adverse changes in actuarial assumptions and investment returns,' said C&W. For the Pru, the bulk annuity deal will generate annual premiums of about £100m.

The Prudential today effectively took over £1bn of Cable&Wireless company pensions in a move affecting 5000 pensioners and adding to speculation of a bid for the telecoms group. Shares in C&W gained 3.2p to 182.3p as investors took the view that one of the biggest obstacles to a takeover had now been effectively removed. It is the first such buy-in by a pension company to top £1bn.

Cable & Wireless Becomes Two Separate Companies

Our original Cable and Wireless Company has gone through some significant changes in recent years and no longer exists in its original form.

Cable & Wireless was split into two companies Cable & Wireless Worldwide and Cable & Wireless Communications and the Cable and Wireless Pension fund was also split to reflect the companies split.

Cable & Wireless Worldwide was taken over by Vodaphone who I believe, were then responsible for C&W Worldwide Pension fund.

Cable & Wireless Comms continued to operate as an independent company and their pension fund continued to be the responsibility of Cable and Wireless Pension Trustee Ltd UK and administered in house by the Pensions Team at Bletchley Park. Cable and Wireless Pension Trustee Limited is a “Corporate Trustee”. The Directors of the Trustee Company have the same responsibilities as an individual trustee in relation to the Fund.
When the company based itself in Florida USA., the number of UK employees was reduced and the in-house administration came to an end.

Premier Appointed as Aministrators of CWSF

The Cable & Wireless Communications Pension Trustee Ltd remained responsible for Cable & Wireless Communications UK Pensions and subsequently they appointed Premier Pensions Management Ltd to administer Cable & Wireless Superannuation Fund with effect from 1st June 2016. Finally the American Company Liberty Global acquired Cable &Wireless Communications and that was the end of another great British company. Liberty Global did not take on any responsibility for the CWSF which remains with the Trustees and Premier.

Pension Enquiries

Please contact Premier if you have any questions about your benefits or if you would like to request a quotation.
Please remember to quote your membership reference whenever you contact Premier. This starts with CWSF and is followed by a six-digit number; you can find this reference on your welcome letter from Premier.
For any out-of-hours enquiries, you can either send a message using the form below or you can leave us a voicemail message by calling the helpline. Please allow up to two working days for a response.

Premier Website

If your enquiry is urgent, we recommend you call the helpline during standard office opening hours to speak to a member of the team.
Monday – Friday
8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday & Sunday
English Bank Holidays
Christmas Day & New Year’s Eve.

                 Posted March 2017 Any comments or corrections to Bill Rees




Protection of Cable and Wireless Superannuation Fund


A member has expressed her concern about Protection of the Pension Fund following the takeover of C& W Comms by Liberty Global .See correspondence

Posted May 2016


Goodbye Peter!

Peter Hampton has devoted the last 37 years to looking after the various pension schemes for Cable & Wireless, in its many incarnations. There are lots of things that Peter’s helped us with over this time. There are the big things you’ll remember, such as the incarnation of the CWSF No 3 scheme in 1986, the Lifetime Benefits Plan in 1998 and then the splitting of the pension scheme in 2010 following the demerger. There have been many more that you may not have had visibility of, but all have helped with the smooth running of the schemes over his tenure. Now, after all this time of managing other people’s pensions, Peter’s decided to concentrate on his own and join the ranks of the retired in December this year. After this time, the Bletchley office will continue to be managed by the existing team in the way that you’re used to. I’m sure you’ll join us in thanking Peter for steering a steady ship for us, and wish him all the best for his retirement.Cable & Wireless

Source: The pensions Team October 2015