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Members Photograph Albums

More Photographs are required to make this display of photographs more interesting and I hope that Members
will contribute and share their treasured memories. Preferred Format is jpeg.
email your photographs to

We reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish and without explanation 

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Albums  /  Telephones & Memorabilia
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1 Past Times Past Times Telegraph Telephone.jpg
1 Past Times Past Times
Telegraph Telephone
580x524 (37Kb)
2000 Selector.jpg
2000 Selector
433x600 (62Kb)
232 Black.jpg
232 Black
600x525 (34Kb)
312 Shared Service.jpg
312 Shared Service
800x677 (55Kb)
706L yellow
600x524 (32Kb)
ABCoin Box.jpg
ABCoin Box
Original 800x1001 (78Kb)
Resized 640x800
BT Commer Truck.jpg
BT Commer Truck
644x458 (66Kb)
Candlestick Tele.jpg
Candlestick Tele
766x587 (10Kb)
Director Exch. Diag.jpg
Director Exch. Diag
Original 960x752 (135Kb)
Resized 800x627
GPO Kiosk 6_1.jpg
GPO Kiosk 6 1
Original 800x819 (102Kb)
Resized 782x800
GPO Morris Van.JPG
GPO Morris Van
500x300 (36Kb)
GPO2+4 .jpg
600x523 (82Kb)
Gladstone Bag.jpg
Gladstone Bag
300x175 (8Kb)
Police Street Call Box.JPG
Police Street Call Box
Original 1936x2592 (2437Kb)
Resized 598x800
Tele 700.jpg
Tele 700
768x591 (11Kb)
Telephone 150.jpg
Telephone 150
Original 2048x1536 (133Kb)
Resized 800x600
Original 800x843 (68Kb)
Resized 760x800
Original 800x843 (68Kb)
Resized 760x800
427x551 (42Kb)
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